Are there any security-tools available?

Created 2001-04-06.


Are there any security-tools available


Yes, there is a free tool from Microsoft avaiable called Windows 2000 Internet Server Security Configuration Tool.
You can download it here. Using this tool, you can simply create Policysettings for your websites.

At the moment, only Windows 2000 Servers without installed Active Directory are SUPPORTED.
You also should read the readme, containing informations what is possible and what is not possible.

To use and install this tool, you have to copy the file iissecuritywiz.dll into any directory. Then run the command "regsvr32 iissecuritywiz.dll" from this directory to register the dll. 
After this, simply open the file dataentry\default.htm and click Build a Security Template

The following settings can be created:

  • Service settings
  • IPSec settings
  • SCE settings
  • IIS settings


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