How to create a virtual Server??

Created 2001-04-03.


How can I create a virtual Server?


To create a virtual server, you have to run at least Windows 2000 Server There is no possibility to run more than one virtual server under Windows 2000 Professional! The IIS is restricted in this case. Virtual servers under IIS means the same as the "Multihomed" Apache-feature.
It gives you the possibility to use more than one domainnames on a server (using one IP-Adress). This is only possible since the HTTP 1/1 standard, which is well known.

To add a virtual server, simply open the Internet Service Manager and right-click your webservername. Then select New -> Website, and follow the instructions of the upcoming Wizard. Its very important, that you specifiy a different hostname for this new virtual server. Otherwise, you will be in conflict with other virtual servers like the Default Web Site.


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