How to install Perl on Internet Information Server?

Created 2001-04-03.


How to install Perl on Internet Information Server?


To run Perl under the IIS5, you need the latest version of ActivePerl. ActivePerl is distributed by ActiveState and can be free downloaded at www.activestate.com/ActivePerl/download.htm.
After you downloaded ActivePerl, you should do two things before installing it:
Open the MMC (IIS Console), and select your Webserver, and open its main properties.

1. Choose Edit from the WWW Service. Then take a look to the tab Home Directory, and check out if there are any settings for the Application Settings. If there are any settings available, you can close this window, otherwise do the following: Click on Create to setup an new application setting. If you want to change the basic settings, click on Configuration.

2. Change to the tab Server Extensions.
If you want authors to be able to upload executables (like CGI->Perl), you have to enable the option Allow authors to upload executables.

Now you can start the main installation of ActivePerl. To avoid problems with cgi-scripts that also have to run under Unix, you should choose YourSystemDrive\usr as installation directory.

After installation, you are able to run perlscripts under IIS5. But you should be careful, when writting perlscripts. For example, you can't use unix-commands, or other specials.

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