How can I create multiple Websites using one IP-Adress?

Created 2001-04-06.


How can I create multiple Websites using one IP-Address?


To use one IP-Address with more than one Website, you have to specifiy the HTTP 1.1 Hostheader for each Website.  

The following sample explains, how to test this on your local machine:

  • Open the file hosts located under \winnt\system32\drivers\etc\
    Add two entries as showed in this sample: www.testdomain01.com www.testdomain02.com

  • Now create two new Websites using the Internet Service Manager.
    Add www.testdomain01.com as hostheader to the first new created Website and www.testdomain02.com to the second. Both Websites should use the same IP-Address (
  • Now you have created two Websites running on the same IP-Address. You can now start your browser to view the www.testdomain01.com and www.testdomain02.com.
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