RAS Error Message: the port was reserved for routers only (Event ID 20188)

Created 2001-04-03.


What's causing this error message when I initiate a connection to the Windows 2000 RRAS? As far as I know, I didn't reserve any ports for routers. 

Source: Remote Access Event ID: 20188

The user xxx, attempting to connect on VPNx-y, was disconnected because of the following reason: A Remote Access Client attempted to connect over a port that was reserved for Routers only.


It sounds like the ports are configured for demand-dial routing instead of inbound dial in services.  In RRAS MMC  check the properties on "ports", and check the configuration for whatever port type you're using. You usually want to deselect "demand-dial" and just check on "inbound connections". If that system is used both as a dial in server as well as a router, both settings must be checked.


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