Is there a free Download of Windows XP?

Created 2001-04-08 by Rainer Gerhards.

Windows XP is made available by Microsoft via a preview program. Unfortunately, there is no totally free way to obtain a copy. Microsoft charges a fee of $9.95 to participate in the preview. For this fee, registrants can download Windows XP RC1 and RC2 as soon as it is availbale. This is not expected before mid-2001!

According to Microsoft, MSDN universal subscribers will receive Windows XP beta 2 CDs via their May shipping. So there should be no need to register for the preview program if you are a MSN universal subscriber. Microsoft has also said that beta 2 will be available for MDSN subscriber downloads shortly - so it might be a good idea to check the subscriber area if you are in urgent need.

To register for the preview program, please visit Microsoft's site at


This site also contains full terms and conditions on the preview program. Be sure to check them before ordering.

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