Does a Windows 2000 Terminal Services Client work with Windows XP Terminal Services?

Updated 2001-05-25.

With Whistler Beta 1, it does.  
During our tests, there were no issues when using an "old" Windows 2000 (even NT 4) Terminal services for a Windows XP Terminal session. Of course, advanced Windows XP terminal services capabilities are not supported. This client can also be used for the "Remote Desktop" functionality.

With Windows XP Beta 2, it doesn't. 
To much has been changed and the "old" Windows 2000 (NT4) Terminal Services Client doesn't work anymore with Windows XP Remote Desktop Sharing.
You have to use the new Windows XP Terminal Services Client, which is only available in Windows XP. At the moment, there isn't an installable version.

You have to copy the following files from the Windows XP machine located at <systemroot>\system32\. These files are:

  • mstsc.exe
  • mstscax.dll
  • mstsmhst.dll
  • mstsmmc.dll
  • mstvca.dll
  • mstve.dll
  • mstvgs.dll

Then you can execute mstsc.exe to start the new Windows XP Terminal Services Client.
During our tests, the new Client worked fine on Windows 2000.



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