Free Web Server Check

Did you ever wonder what response exactly a web server returns? Your browser will only display the content part of the web page. However, there is also a so-called http header with vital information in it. For example, the header contains information on cookies and the like.

And - even more strange - we noticed that the browser does not reliably display the body part of the web page is there is any format error (e.g. two bodies in a single response).

Have a look at the complete server response!

You are a web developer fighting with a very hard to find bug? Or a system administrator interested in knowing why the proxy can't cache content from a particular server? A user wondering which security sensitive data a web site is placing on his local machine?

No problem! Our free Web Server Check will tell you all of this! Our Robot, "Adiscon Bot", will go out for you - just like a spy - and retrieve the page and display the complete code unaltered!

Sounds good? Simply go ahead! It's a free, easy to use service, so there is no risk at all.

Oh well, we've heard rumors that some people used our Adiscon Bot just out of curiosity ;-)


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