A First Look at the Windows XP User Interface

Windows® XP brings a new look to the familiar Windows user interface. Here's a first look at what the next generation has in store.

Welcome Screen/Login

Welcome Screen/Login
Windows XP makes it easy to create individual accounts for everyone who uses your computer. This means that when each of you log on, you will have your own, individualized computing environment. And if your family shares a computer, Windows XP allows you to quickly switch between users without closing down and restarting any programs.

Redesigned Start menu

Start Menu
The familiar Windows interface has been enhanced to make it even easier to use. New visual cues help you find important information, and the redesigned Start menu makes it easier to access the programs you use most frequently.

My Pictures

My Pictures
My Pictures allows you to view your pictures as thumbnails or as a film strip and lets you manage your digital pictures more easily than ever before.

My Music

My Music
Windows XP offers an effortless way to find, organize, and play digital music directly from your PC. Storing all your files in the My Music folder lets you organize and view each item by artist, album, and track number. You can even see the the album cover art for many of your CDs.

Windows Media Player 8

Windows Media Player 8
Windows Media Player 8 (MP8), a feature of Windows XP, is the first player to combine all of your common digital media activities into a single, easy-to-use place. MP8 makes it easy for you to watch videos and DVDs, listen to music, organize your media into personalized playlists, tune in to nearly 3,000 Internet radio stations, transfer music to a portable player, or create custom CDs. You can even personalize the player's appearance by selecting your own skins, colors, designs, and features.

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